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  1. Problems & Issues
    About a month ago somebody stole my Catalytic Converter right from the driveway. Insane, right !!! Took it to my mechanic and he noticed that the alternator was not charging the battery. I took it to Honda Dealership in Miami and they want to charge me nearly $9K to fix everything. They...
  2. B5F2EBDC-8738-4147-84E1-1AAB6950B314.jpeg

    VTEC indicator. A super bright LED mounted over the number 3. Turned on via a transistor switch connected to the VTEC wire at the PCM. Turns on more often than you would think.
  3. Problems & Issues
    I have a green 2003 Honda Element that recently has had issues starting. Once or twice a week it will turn over but ultimately end up not starting. When the key is pulled out there is a clicking that sounds like it's coming from the dash on the passenger side and can also be heard in the engine...
  4. Problems & Issues
    Please HELP!!! My VSA and check engine light came on. They hooked it up and said that there were 2 codes: one for ECM/PCM and the other for Rocker Arm Actuator. Took it to mechanic who said that the symptoms (sometimes acts like it doesn't want to crank, high idle, mild sputtering or acting...
  5. Problems & Issues
    My wives car has been having issues. It has had a battery, new starter, and 3 new alternators in the past 4 months. The mechanic is at a loss and keeps sending me to the dealer. Here is what is happening. And only every now and then. When it is warm outside and the accessories are being...
1-5 of 5 Results