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  1. Truth About Cats, Dogs and The E
    Each vote costs 2 dollars and goes to the Halifax Humane Society, regardless of who you vote for (but you should vote for Mayhem) :D You can vote as many times as you are willing to pay 2 dollars for. Pass it on to everybody you know that would like to help our local shelter out and help...
  2. Image Gallery
    I'm working on a graphic design project and I would love a high-res photo of an Element in heavy traffic. I have scoured the site and can't seem to find anything but "glamour shots." Please help me out by posting a shot of an Element on a busy freeway or something (come on, my L.A. E drivers)...
  3. Image Gallery
    Here's my Element in it's element. We were exploring Nevada close to El Dorado Canyon and also Valley of Fire.
1-3 of 3 Results