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  1. Can't fit Scosche SLC4 and receiver in dash

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey all, been lurking for a bit, and I've encountered my first problem. Mr. Husband and I recently purchased a new aftermarket stereo for our E, chatted with Crutchfield, made sure to get all the parts we needed, and started the install process. However, even after trying for near an hour, we...
  2. Thinking about upgrading my stereo head unit-- Thoughts?

    Mobile Electronics
    I love my E, but the only thing I love more than it is music. I've really just gotten tired of my overstuffed visor CD holder, so, I'd really like to upgrade. After quite a bit of looking around, I've settled on the Pioneer AVH-X2500BT. It's perfect for me- some external buttons, a nice...
  3. Can't get new stereo to work !

    Mobile Electronics
    This is SO mysterious! Not to mention frustrating. So, my stereo HU was stolen last month. Then I go and buy a new one from Best Buy online, not a Pioneer Premier, but a top of the line Pioneer. Great. I go to an audio specialist place, and they put it in, easy peasy. Re-hook everything back up...
  4. Mazda3 Custom Box

    Mobile Electronics
    Built this for my buddy next door for his birthday. It came out incredible, exactly how I wanted, but I was so impressed with the sound quality. I used 1/2" MDF and Triple stacked the Baffle, and pulled the left and right channel from the rear speakers. It's two 10" Pioneer 4ohm shallow woofers...
  5. Pioneer AVIC D3 in 2007 Element SC :: Stressed Dutchie

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi E owners, Just had my 2007 Element SC came in from Wisconsin. 1 Year old, across the Atlantic Ocean and now here in The Netherlands. I will start some mods soon, but the first is installing a Pioneer AVIC-D3. Last few hours I've been reading more than 1.000 posts on installing the AVIC-D4...