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  1. Replace License Plate Bulb 2010 2011

    Maintenance and Service
    The newer E's have a different bulb/lamp holder. You will need to remove the tailgate door panel to access the lamp holder. 1. Removing panel 1a. -with tailgate up pry/pull off the tailgate release knob. Then remove the phillips screw under the knob. This is the only screw you will need to...
  2. Lubing the sway bar bushings?

    Problems & Issues
    Okay, I'm sorry if it's wrong to start a new post, but I feel that I'm leaving my original post about changing my struts. That's been done, but I still have the creaking noise. I read through many posts and stumbled upon one mentioning a similar creaking sound when starting from a dead stop...
  3. Clutch problems

    Maintenance and Service
    hi guys its great to find this forum. The car is a Honda Element '05 manual 5 speed. 88k on the odometer. All standard maintenance performed and never touched clutch,etc. clutch fluid level is ok. Today when i got into the car i could not go into gear once it was started(fine when its off). i...