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  1. Driver's side window- bad switch? How to jumper?

    Problems & Issues
    I'm in a bit of a bind. While driving the other day, I opened the driver's side window. The motor worked to pull the window down, but it would not go up. After searching here I thought it was likely the regulator. I replaced the regulator and motor assembly. Same issue.. the window would go...
  2. Power window auto function

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone I have 2003 honda element and I have been having an issue with my driver side power window. When using the auto up the window goes up for a second or two and then it lowers back down. I saw the post: here however it happens all of the time and has nothing to do with the...
  3. odd passenger power window switch failure

    Problems & Issues
    I just got my E a couple weeks ago, and with the weather cooperating finally, I've had my windows down a couple times in the last day or so. But it's let me to discover an odd issue. When I get to my destination, I go to roll up both driver and passenger windows before shutting off. If I just...
  4. Window Regulator Only Goes Up

    Problems & Issues
    A part on my old window regulator broke (driver side) for my Honda Element 2003. I purchased the part and installed it. (I have done this once before on the passenger side with no problems.) Well this time, the window control could move the window upward, and I need it to go down to actually...
  5. Another power window issue (please help)

    Hello all. 07 sc 78000 miles. ok when moving to pa I had an issue with the plastic cable driven passenger power window failing. with only an hour before I was to load it onto a trailer to move. So I dropped it off at the dealer to fix it in place since it was down. THey just disconected the...
  6. Looking for Thread on Power Window Motor & Regulator Replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    I did a search without any luck so I am posting the question to those of you who have been on this forum longer than I have. My son in Nashville has a 2008 EX AWD. For some reason the Left Side (drivers) power window just quit. The window up & down by hand, but not with the motor. Any ideas...