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  1. Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    I need to sell my 2005 Honda Element . It's been a great car, but won't tow the boat we bought. Tires are new a year ago. Just had rear brakes replaced - drums, too. Not in perfect shape, but good for its age! What is a fair price? 226K miles, Blue, DVD system.
  2. Interior
    Ok, this is nuts I went to majestic Honda to buy a couple armrests, and look at how much just one costs not including any hardware, almost 200$. I haven't done any mods yet being working close to full time and going to college but I have always been a leaner when I drive. So is this a real price...
  3. Trading Post
    FS: 2003 E for sale in Europe! Hi, I am considering selling my 2003 Honda Element EX AWD. Is there any interest out there? You can read about this Element and how it came to be in Denmark here: My E has Automatic transmission...
  4. Maintenance and Service
    Is Majestic Honda the best source/price for KYB struts, $197 each?.. I'm looking to buy the whole unit so I don't have to mess with the spring.
  5. Ask The Dealer
    I spent 21,800 on a Honda Element, EX with the dog kit. Was that a good price? Honestly.
1-5 of 6 Results