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  1. Battery ground observation

    Problems & Issues
    I'm not sure if this is a problem or not. When I use a voltmeter to across the terminals of my battery I get around 12.6V, as expected. When I move the negative probe to the bolt the fixes the battery ground to the metal car body the voltage drops to 3 volts. That indicates a voltage drop of...
  2. Newly install Catalytic Converter - Now Idle Issues

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone looking for some help. I just had a new catalytic converter installed at the honda dealership on my 2003 element EX. This, after mine was stolen right off my car in the street one night here in los angeles. Anyway, when driving out of the dealership after picking up the car the...
  3. Audio Issue

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Element owners, I recently had to have my 2007 SC jumped because the battery was shot (I still had the original after 5 years so it was about time to get a new one) but after I had the car jump started the audio displayed and error and stopped working. I tried various codes to try and start...
  4. Starter Problem?

    Problems & Issues
    I've been reading through all of the threads I can find on starter/battery issues and I wanted to get some input before I go get my E checked out (hopefully tomorrow). Over the past few months I've been having a few issues with getting the E started - I replaced the battery exactly a year ago...
  5. Remove Rear Bumper Issue - 2007 4WD EX

    Problems & Issues
    Hi. I have a 2007 Honda Element 4WD EX. Love it... except for being frustrated at the moment. After reading several great threads and having issues with two U-Haul locations and Honda wanting over $200 to install, I decided to install a hitch (U-Haul) and wiring harness (Honda) myself. I...
  6. Rear door won't open.

    Problems & Issues
    Any suggestions on how to get the driver's side rear door to open on my 2005 E. It releases on the top but not the bottom. This first happened when I was trying to open the door from the front while the rear passenger was trying at the same time to open it, using the handle in the back seat. Thanks.