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  1. General Honda Element Discussion
    Has anyone here installed the Cateye alarm system? Looking for suggestions on where to mount the alarm box and the sensor module to maximize effectiveness and minimize false alarms. Thanks.
  2. Mobile Electronics
    My whole system is self installed. My front right speaker seems to be the trouble. I've replaced the wires going to it twice and managed to solve the problem. This made me think I was running the wire through an area where it was too easily pinched. Today the amp once again went into...
  3. Wax on, Wax Off
    My Orange Chariot lives near the beach with all day ocean-mist air - salt! I live in the tropics, so salt from snow removal isn't an issue. Also, sand and dirt from windblasts is a constant problem. I take good care of the wheel wells, underside and overall body with frequent rinsing, but...
1-3 of 3 Results