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  1. in search for a refurbished airco pump

    Problems & Issues
    as one of three E-owners in the Netherlands I was glad I passed all government tests with my E AWD 2003 to drive another year, but then the airco pump failed, in midsummer of all moments! I still can drive of course, but it is rather hot inside. So there were a few options: a new pump from...
  2. Water Pump replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    Almost 90% positive that my water pump needs to be replaced. Woke up to a good amount of coolant having leaked out from under the car, and upon closer inspection my best guess is that it's coming from the water pump. If that is the case, what else should I replace when I'm having the water pump...
  3. Power Steering Pump Choices

    Maintenance and Service
    2004 with 129,000 miles and the p/s pump is getting tired.... autozone lists a Duralast for $87 advance auto lists a Fenco for $145 any experience with either and thoughts on such a wide price range would be greatly appreciated!! anyone else have a p/s pump issue? thx Elton '04 EX 4WD AT
  4. Washer fluid pump failure, front & back

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, My 2003 Element EX front washer fluid pump has failed three times in the past two and half years. There was no problem with the rear pump. Has anyone faced similar problem? Eventhough he dealer has replaced the pump free of charge, I still feel frustated. Any input or feedback is...
  5. Fuel tank filter, sender, and pump: location, problems, replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    Hey guys, WHERE THE HELL IS THE FUEL FILTER?? I just looked ( in the dark mind you ) for like 20 minutes but couldn't find it. Please let me know. I'll post results if this thing works. Thanx Chap