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  1. Trading Post
    Hi Guys! I'm looking for an 07' Right rear quarter/fender cladding panel in Galaxy Grey. Anyone happen to have a line on one? Im located in NEPA but shouldn't be a problem to ship. Thanks!
  2. Exterior
    Hello, I have a 2008 Element in nighthawk black pearl. I'm in need of a passenger side rear quarter panel. I had a run in with a trailer.......Long Story. I also may need a rear bumper. Where is the best place to purchase these two items??? Thanks for any info you may have!!! Chris Cape...
  3. Exterior
    Last week, someone side-swiped my '04. She broke my tail light, and created a big long scratch on my rear-left plastic body panel (right through the gas cap). My question is.. what exactly is that part called (part number even)? And where can I get one for cheap? The girl who hit my E was...
1-3 of 3 Results