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  1. Would this amp work in my Element?

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Hello everyone, I'm planning on spending a decent amount to upgrade the radio/sounds system in my 2007 Element. To start off I was looking at this particular Radio/Amp combo; While I want to upgrade my system...
  2. Radio not working (not code related)

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2008 EX with the stock radio. I replaced the battery, put the radio code in—no sound. So since fuses are cheap I replaced #8 under the steering wheel and #9 under the hood—still no sound. Did some more digging and ended up replacing the #7 fuse under the steering wheel. BOOM! I had...
  3. Interior Fuse box #7 (Radio Amp) 20A fuse won't go back into its slot after being pulled out

    Mobile Electronics
    I was messing around with my head unit (Pioneer AVH-X3800BHS) and was trying to install a parking brake bypass mod. I had the car in accessory mode and was messing around with live wires and kept turning the car on and off. The radio won't turn on anymore so I went and checked the fuses #8...
  4. Minor electrical problems with dash and dome light after DIY radio install

    Problems & Issues
    Hello All! I recently installed a Pioneer DA120 in my 2008 Element LX. I soldered together an aftermarket wiring harness and did all the work myself. I routed a mic, gps antenna, HDMI, AUX and two USB cables under the dash. After reconnecting and snapping everything back together I noticed...
  5. Steering wheel radio Controls NOT working

    Mobile Electronics
    So my 2006 Element was broken into and my aftermarket radio was stolen (wasn't even an expensive radio). The body shop put in a stock OEM radio which is fine by me BUT the steering wheel controls are not working. I never adapted the aftermarket radio to work with the steering wheel controls so I...
  6. OEM radio 2003 EX and Parrott Bluetooth

    Does anyone want an OEM radio for 2003 for EX and Parrott Bluetooth
  7. FS - 2003 Honda Element Radio Antenna

    Trading Post
    great shape 2003 Honda Element Antenna $5 plus shipping in usps small flat rate box from LA Sold as is / no returns
  8. Radio / amp problem

    Problems & Issues
    I recently purchased an 06 Element . The radio seems function,search stations etc. but no sound from the speakers , could it be the amp or a fuse ??
  9. Radio and CD player auto changing

    Problems & Issues
    Honda Element 2003: radio changes to cd player automatically often. Do I need a new radio/cd player?
  10. Aftermarket Radio with No Sound

    Problems & Issues
    I have done my fair share of searching, and could not find a solution to my issue, but it is always possible i overlooked something, which is why i need all you smart people out there to help me out. My E: 2003 element EX Today I got a new Pyle PLDN74BTi touch screen stereo, along with the...
  11. Radio Anti-Theft Blinking Light - Any Way to Turn it Off?

    Problems & Issues
    Does anyone know of a way to turn off the anti-theft blinking light on the radio? Other than putting a piece of tape over it? Drives me crazy when I'm camped out in it!
  12. GTA car kit - Aux input 2006 Element

    Mobile Electronics
    This is just a brief review of the GTA car kit. I purchased the kit as an alternative to an aftermarket kit. Yes, a nice pioneer or sony will have better quality than my OEM head unit, however a nice head unit is also a bit of a theft magnet in certain neighborhoods. So I opted for the GTA...
  13. Power of FM Amplifier

    Mobile Electronics
    I replaced my radio head unit in my 2005 LX 4WD with a Sony MEX-BT3100P. The FM reception is worse now (not horrible but worse for weak signals) and I am trying to figure out why. I hooked up the REM OUT of my radio to the power antenna wire on the stock wiring harness. This should power the...
  14. Thinking about upgrading my stereo head unit-- Thoughts?

    Mobile Electronics
    I love my E, but the only thing I love more than it is music. I've really just gotten tired of my overstuffed visor CD holder, so, I'd really like to upgrade. After quite a bit of looking around, I've settled on the Pioneer AVH-X2500BT. It's perfect for me- some external buttons, a nice...
  15. Radios compatible with steering wheel controls

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm considering upgrading my radio, but I'm concerned about the possible issues of compatibility overall. First, I love my steering wheel controls, and I'm not sure how to find radios compatible with them. Also, I really want a unit that allows an external aux input, so the built in input could...
  16. Newb DX radio upgrade woes

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi guys, I've casually lurked EOC for a couple of years now but am just now signing up because I could use some help. I come from the honda cars so I'm familiar with the older design trends and such. History: My mother, purchased an 06 DX a few years ago and has had nothing but trouble with her...
  17. Radio Display

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I am new to the forum and have been looking around and have not seen this issue brought up. I bought this element a few days ago and the radio works but the display does not, it lights up but there is no clock, station, etc displayed. I checked the fuse under the dash #8? and it was fine, am...
  18. Trim panel around radio

    I have a 2003 Element. A couple of years ago I bought a radio from an '05 and installed it. I did this to add MP3 and XM capabilities to my car. Before this I had an XM radio mounted on a nice bracket next to the radio. I put a small hole w a rubber grommet in the trim piece around the radio to...
  19. Problem: Stereo Cutting Out

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone, I just recently bought an 03 Element off of a good buddy of mine and we're trying to figure out why the stereo will intermittently cut out. Off the highway it will come on and off and eventually I will lose all sound until I turn off the car for some time. On the highway the radio...
  20. 2003 Radio Serial Number/Unlock Code. Save yourself time and/or money!

    Mobile Electronics
    I just picked up a used Element and of course the first thing I had to do was get a new battery (the one from the dealership died the night I picked up the car). Little did I realize what a pain it would be to get the radio unlocked... This forum has great instructions for retrieving the radio...