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  1. DIY Roof Rail suggestions

    Racks, Hitches & Towing
    I've gone back and forth with Marv here a bit. That guy has a lot of good ideas! He currently has a set that were fabricated. My concern is putting a 36 inch wide, 11' 2" paddle board on top of my Element with the 30 inch base that comes stock. I'm trying to come up with an idea that would go...
  2. Want To Buy: SSD Roof Rack Rails - CASH IN HAND, PLEASE!!

    Trading Post
    Hello all, I'm desperately looking for a pair of SSD roof rails that allow the mounting of rack cross bars for roof carry of items. SSD Performance no longer manufactures them and they do not have any left over, I've contacted them begging for a set. Do you have a set that you will sell...
  3. Hidden satellite antennas

    Mobile Electronics
    I generally have a problem with things being left out in the open, especially where there is space to hide such items. Case in point: my TomTom GO and Sirius satellite antennas. While they are not overly obtrusive, I still wasn't happy about seeing them on my roof. I originally had them both...