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  1. FS: 2006 Rallye Red Element EX AWD Auto $13k

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    This is my 2006 Honda Element EX, with AWD and an Automatic transmission. The car currently has 107,xxx miles on it. I purchased this E a few months ago from CarMax, which performs a pretty thorough inspection on all of the cars that they sell. It has new front lower control arms and bushings...
  2. New Element Owner/Lover

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    Hi EOC! Glad to be here! First off I bought my Element on the 27 of Sept. Needed a hell of an alignment. Picked it up this past Monday, Oct. 5th. And now I am going to schedule some body work tomorrow (small dent on the back passenger corner). Over all I am really happy with my purchase! It is...
  3. Please post your Rallye Red E here!

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    Ok...I just bought my RR E, a few days ago. I will post some up when I can. I am curious though at what you guys have!:cool: