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  1. Rattle/Vibration in Rear Interior Trim

    Problems & Issues
    When I'm stopped and the car is in gear, after some time the resonance from the motor builds up in the cabin and something begins to make a loud buzzing, rattling, vibrating noise until the resonance is purged and the process begins again. I'm fairly certain this is NOT sway bar links. The...
  2. SOLVED! Expensive sounding huffing and chugging

    Problems & Issues
    Okay, so I'm driving in Houston traffic heading N on I-45. Usual idiot drivers, but I am abnormally impatient on this evening after work downtown. I feel a little aggressive, a little road-rage session wanting to happen....but no.....I grumble and bitch to no one listening....and the moment...
  3. rattling

    Problems & Issues
    yesterday when I was at McDonalds and driving beside the building, when I pushed the gas pedal down, with the engine sound I heard something that sounds like the exhaust pipe rattling. could it be anything other than that? i read somewhere that a CAI would fix that but im not sure. will check...
  4. Interior Rattle

    Problems & Issues
    I'm sorry if there is a thread started for this issue, but I couldn't find one. I have slowly started to develop a rattle/clicking on the inside of my Element. It wasn't a big deal at first, as it only happened on rough/dirt roads. However, it has started to occur over minor bumps, even on...
  5. Rattling front end at 45MPH

    Problems & Issues
    Recently, I've started to hear a rattling sound up near the front end of my car. I believe it's passenger side and it kind of sounds like metal scraping the ground or an even better example is that it sounds like a slinky going back and forth. I'm thinking possibly a loose heat shield of some...
  6. Screw Size for Door Latches

    My '03 Elements rear door latches always come loose, this has been a problem plaguing my element from the first year of owning it. The screws come loose and then the latch is loose and off kilter. It makes the rear door not shut right or not at all. Well I guess the this last time was it for...
  7. Rattle Front Passenger side

    Problems & Issues
    Coming up to 70K miles on an 03 EX. Up until 3 months ago I have had NO issues then little things here and there started to happen - but this one is driving me crazy. Front end passenger size rattle - not always there - seems to happen more in the morning (cold) more of a slow loose tap now and...