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  1. Hatch strut ball stud loose - body access or other ideas?

    Problems & Issues
    I need help and/or advice on how to tighten a loose hatch strut ball stud (repeated pushing up on the gate since the OEM struts are so weak - now replaced). I am unable to tighten it properly since the anchor resides within the rear body panel itself. There is no access through the light...
  2. Help!!!! Need help finding passenger side rear quarter panel.

    Hello, I have a 2008 Element in nighthawk black pearl. I'm in need of a passenger side rear quarter panel. I had a run in with a trailer.......Long Story. I also may need a rear bumper. Where is the best place to purchase these two items??? Thanks for any info you may have!!! Chris Cape...
  3. Got side swiped

    Last week, someone side-swiped my '04. She broke my tail light, and created a big long scratch on my rear-left plastic body panel (right through the gas cap). My question is.. what exactly is that part called (part number even)? And where can I get one for cheap? The girl who hit my E was...