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  1. 2005 Honda Element Rear Seats for Sale

    Trading Post
    My 2005 Honda Element was in a wreck and totalled last year and the rear seats were sitting in my garage at the time. Im cleaning out the garage and looking to sell them. if you are interested please email me at [email protected] or text me at 931-801-1159. The seats had boxes sitting on them...
  2. Need Rear Seat Clip and strap

    Hey guys, my element didn't come with the rear seat strap and clip(the one you use to clip it to the side of the car). I was checking on prices the the cheapist I could find was $82 each. Are there any cheaper options. I know I can just get regular carabiners from the climbing store, but what...
  3. Rear seat recline or anchor release strap

    Problems & Issues
    Does anyone know the easiest way to retrieve a lost rear seat adjuster loop? I can't see it down the seat hole, and I can't seem to get it with long tweezers. Is there a way to grab it or get to it. I see zippers on the seat but didn't want to get to that point. Help please!
  4. Rear seat covers

    OK, I'm one of those yutz's that drive around with the dog in the back seat. I know she's gonna be plenty p/o'd that the back windows don't open, but that's her problem. My problem is finding a seatcover for the back seats to save them from wear and tear. Any suggestions?