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  1. Interior
    This started when my rear view mirror started to go bad- so time for a project... Rear view mirror with triggered video inputs from left and right turn signal. Connected everything back to the hazard switch and locally grounded in the dash. I temp’d in the cams mounted on the side view mirrors-...
  2. Interior
    Hey i just got my Honda element 2008 and the rear view mirror has a couple of scratches on it and they're bugging me, is replacing the mirror easy? and is there any way i can get power to the mirror in case if i wanted a mirror with programmed buttons on it? Where could i find replacement...
  3. Interior
    Hello Folks, The group rocks and we now have our 2008 Element LX that we just picked up! I've learned a ton from reading these posts too. Already digging in on many upgrades. I would like to change out my rear view mirror with a Honda mirror that also has built in map lights such as ones I've...
1-3 of 3 Results