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  1. 2 issues

    Problems & Issues
    Hey folks, My first issue is with the remote lock/unlock. Actually just the lock, with both remotes (one used every day that i owned the vehicle, the other rarely). I can unlock no problem just can't lock. It's been happening off and on, I just didn't think I was hearing the horn. Yesterday...
  2. window driverside stopped working

    Problems & Issues
    hello guys, I would like to have some advice on my problem from these all-known community. Problem: suddenly my drivers window in my 2003 EX AWD does not react anymore. Passenger side is no problem. Reading this forum I found some very good threads. So I removed the door panel and tried to see...
  3. Power window auto function

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone I have 2003 honda element and I have been having an issue with my driver side power window. When using the auto up the window goes up for a second or two and then it lowers back down. I saw the post: here however it happens all of the time and has nothing to do with the...
  4. Aftermarket Window Regulator

    Problems & Issues
    Hello everyone, I've been a member here for quite some time, but this is my first posting! My driver side window has malfunctioned. From what I've read, I probably have to replace the regulator assembly. I can get a genuine Honda part for $108 at the dealer, OR, I can get an aftermarket part...
  5. Window regulator problems / replacement

    Problems & Issues
    Do any of you have the install instructions to replace the power window regulator for the driver’s side of a 03' EX? I would greatly appreciate it... Thanks, Blair