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  1. Need help with plugging holes after rear spoiler removal, please! (And possibly for sale)

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    Hello all...I noticed recently that the paint on my Element's OEM rear spoiler started peeling, pretty badly (the paint is peeled off from about half of the spoiler). My Element is a 2004 EX in orange with silver spoiler. I realized that I really like the look of the E without the spoiler and...
  2. Side Motor Mount Removal - Hitting Sidewall

    Problems & Issues
    Good Day Fellow E Owners, I have a 2005 E that blew a head gasket just a couple of months after I purchased it. Due to the costs, and that my son needs to learn, I decided to do the work myself. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, but no means an expert. I've rebuilt about 2 engines 30 years ago...
  3. Fuel tank drop

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I have a 2011 Element. There is a vent cap on top of the fuel tank that has been damaged by a rodent. I have dropped the tank (empty) about 6" but still do not have a good enough view to apply a fix. Has anyone dropped their tank and what connections need to be taken apart? I have many...
  4. Remove Rear Bumper Issue - 2007 4WD EX

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    Hi. I have a 2007 Honda Element 4WD EX. Love it... except for being frustrated at the moment. After reading several great threads and having issues with two U-Haul locations and Honda wanting over $200 to install, I decided to install a hitch (U-Haul) and wiring harness (Honda) myself. I...
  5. VSA Cruise Ctrl Switch Replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    I've got both replacement switches ready to go but my big hands had a hell of a go at disconnecting and removing the bad switches in my E. Any tips on how to unplug and unlatch these assys from behind? VSA off switch: 35300-SCV-A01ZA (diagram #1) CC on/off switch: 36775-SCV-A01ZA (diagram #7)
  6. Step by step images needed for DS dash removal

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I'd like to remove the top panel of the Driver's Side dash but I'm skittish about doing it blind. Anyone got images of the bolts i need to pull / panels that can be popped out to do this? Thanks!
  7. Tailgate Lining Removal

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I'm looking to replace the tailgate lining of my E but haven't come across instructions as to how to go about removing the lower tailgate assembly (part 2) and the lining assembly (part 6). i started trying to remove the assembly, but the rubber stoppers proved to be difficult and i didn't want...
  8. Door panel removal DIY. Warning! image heavy

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Door panel and lock removal DIY. Warning! image heavy This is done on my '05 with power windows and locks. I'm pretty sure they're all set up this way but the SC might be different. Remove the 2 screw covers and the speaker grille. Remove the 6 phillips screws. One under the...