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  1. Service manual for 03-08 Element

    Maintenance and Service
    After many great years, I finally traded in my 04 Element. I had to choose between spending time with my toddler or spending time under my car and... Well, he's pretty adorable. If for need a service manual for your 03-08 Element, you can have mine for $10, which is just to cover my shipping...
  2. Manual for 2005 Element

    Maintenance and Service
    Where can I purchase a repair manual for Element 2005? The local Advance Auto did not have any manuals for the Element. All help is appreciated, Bob
  3. Honda Service shop repair Manual 2003 vS. 2003-2004

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi everybody: This is my first post in this forum, 'cause I just got my E. I Was looking for a service manual and found 2 different types. One that says 2003 Honda Element and the other one says 2003-2004 Honda Element. Is there any difference between these two models... The thing is that the...