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  1. Wavy Floors

    My floors in my E are so wavy and I'd like to replace them, if unsalvageable. I'm in the process of making my E like new again so I can stave off the compulsion to get a different vehicle due to the fact that I allowed mine to get a bit junky. I am against carpet, but what else do E Owners...
  2. Replacing lower part of front bumper??

    Hey guys! Just joined the Element crew with a new to me 2008 Element EX-P. It has the color matched front end with textured plastic lower. Here's my issue: the car came with a few holes punched in the textured plastic of the front bumper so I'd like to replace it. When I look, it seems like...
  3. License Plate Light troubles

    Maintenance and Service
    Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster! Thanks in advance, I have found so many helpful bits of info on here, and I even thought I had found the answers to my problems...but here is where i find myself. :?:? I have a 2007 EX AWD and the right license plate lamp bulbs was burned out... A...
  4. Is it possible to replace the analog speedometer?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey all! I just bought my first Element today! It's a 2004 ex. However, I was wondering if it is possible to switch out the analog speedometer with a digital one, as seen on newer cars. I know it's a shot in the dark, but hey, might as well ask. Thanks! Thegoodrobot
  5. 2011 LX Interior quarter / seat belt replacements??

    Hey everybody, I just got a 2011 alabaster silver LX. Love the car. Thing is, the previous owner let a dog chew up the interior including the rear seatbelts. They also forgot where they put the back seats!! -but I got a set cheap. I am looking at trying to replace the two interior panels that...
  6. Thinking about upgrading my stereo head unit-- Thoughts?

    Mobile Electronics
    I love my E, but the only thing I love more than it is music. I've really just gotten tired of my overstuffed visor CD holder, so, I'd really like to upgrade. After quite a bit of looking around, I've settled on the Pioneer AVH-X2500BT. It's perfect for me- some external buttons, a nice...
  7. Toyo Open Country H/T 60,000 mi.

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Seem very expensive to pay $867.28 for Toyo Open Country H/T 60,000 mi. $184.07 per tire, $14.50 for balance each, $13.75 each for siping and $4.50 each for tubeless valve stem Don't know if I should buy them online cheaper or go somewhere else? I have always trusted that "Les" was always...
  8. Changed starter now engine light???

    Problems & Issues
    I changed my starter today on my 03 element 4cy 2wd... First off let me start by saying "What an F'n pain in the arse" ... know my engine light is on ??? when I first started it after installation of above said equipment all the lights in the cluster were on , now the engine light stays on...
  9. 134,305 and a light burns out...POS!! :^)

    Problems & Issues
    Oddly the first bulbs to go were the odo lights, so I couldn't even tell how far I got before they went out. So that's what I had when I got to Autozone and bought two 2127LL's and replaced them. Its my own fault. When people would ask how I like it I'd tell them I have over 130k miles and 6...
  10. Replace 2 tires on AWD element?

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I recently got a flat on one of my tires that could not be patched. I would like to avoid purchasing 4 new tires since the others have about 60% life remaining. Will it hurt the AWD system if I just purchase two new tires? Thanks! :grin: