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  1. 2004 EX Fog light replacement options?

    Hello all, One of my fog light lenses cracked a long time ago and I'm ready to replace, I've just finished reading a bunch of posts on the topic, and several people have reverted to OEM fog lights after spending tons of time on mod ideas that didn't work out. I came across this product...
  2. replace rear window 2013 element

    A rock broke the back window. I bougt replacement glass. Ahyone have instructions for DIY glass removal and installation?
  3. 2005 Radio/CD/Auxiliary Head Unit Glitching

    Problems & Issues
    So my stock 2005 head unit with Radio, CD, Auxiliary capabilities took a dump on me. One day while using the auxiliary, the unit switched from my auxiliary music to a CD that it was holding. Then the CD plays for a few minutes and switches back to what I had been playing on the auxiliary. I have...
  4. Replacing lower part of front bumper??

    Hey guys! Just joined the Element crew with a new to me 2008 Element EX-P. It has the color matched front end with textured plastic lower. Here's my issue: the car came with a few holes punched in the textured plastic of the front bumper so I'd like to replace it. When I look, it seems like...
  5. Need to install 2-seater back seat, not one!

    I just purchased a used 2008 vehicle that came with one, 1-seat in the back (the other was removed). I have a 115 pound Great Dane and I need to strap her in with a special dog car harness onto a seat that is BIG, i.e TWO SEATS that run together (like the normal back seat of a car). The harness...
  6. Replacing quarter glass window

    Problems & Issues
    Last weekend someone busted out the left side rear quarter glass window on my 04 Element. This is the curved window that wraps towards the back hatch. I purchased a replacement that's suppose to arrive before the weekend but I am struggling to find any real solid DIY instructions specifically...
  7. Do i need to fix this stuff now?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hey Guys, I brought my 2008 SC with 146,000 on it... into the Honda dealer in Los Angeles to check a clicking/clunking sound coming from the front end. While i was there i had them give it an overall inspection and see if there was anything that needed to be replaced. They gave me a list of...
  8. Rack and Pinion replacement

    Problems & Issues
    Does anyone have a few photos of a Honda Element with a leaking rack and pinion that they can share? I have been told that my 2003 EX with 150k miles needs a replacement. Doesn't seem far fetched, but when I look under my car I don't see a leak. But maybe if I saw an actual Element photo and...
  9. Battery Size Guide 51R < 56 < 47 < 35 < 34R < 24F < Other

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I wanted to share my accumulated knowledge after many(!) hours of research including reading every battery thread on the forums. The stock 51R is woefully underpowered for the Element, particularly with cold weather and/or any kind of electrical mod or add-on. Judging from the numerous...
  10. Valve Cover

    Under The Hood / Performance
    So I stripped a couple bolts recently in the top of the valve cover and I was wondering if I can use any valve cover from the K-series or does it have to be specific to my year and model? I'm looking to just replace the cover as a whole.
  11. tailgate hinge cover, replacement interior piece

    can anyone direct me to source for replacing the interior tailgate hinge cover flap thingy and also the 'mat' that is sort of like a tray that sits over the spare wheel well cover? 2008 LX getting ready to sell and want to fix this well used part of my cargo space. Thanks
  12. Rear end collision DIY bumper replacement

    Problems & Issues
    I was recently rear ended and sustain minor damage to the grey part of the rear bumper, I did some research and it turns out it was part #71502-SCV-A00ZA, the estimate for repairs is 600 dollars, but I found a part online for 50 dollars. has anyone replaced this part before? and if so what other...
  13. Questions on Spark Plug replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    1. What is the gap suppose to be? I see people say the spark plug gap is off on one of their new spark plugs but don't know what they should all be at. Could I have Autozone check and adjust if needed before I leave the store? 2. Where should I add lithium grease? 3. Is 13lbs of torque is...
  14. AC compressor replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    04,ex,'s a workhorse all fuses and relays are good. the condenser fan is running, the system is charged-no leaks. when swapping out the fan relay with the clutch relay, the clutch still does not engage. are there any DIY post on replacing the compressor and what else should i...
  15. Whole Rear Wiper Replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    I'm selling my Element (moving to the other side of the world), so I'm fixing up a few things. I had my bike mounted on the back of my Element and when my mom accidentally turned on the rear wiper, it got stuck on the bike and the motor ran for several hours. Now I need to replace the rear...
  16. New Engine? '04

    Problems & Issues
    I have an '04 Element, i think it is the EX. I've had a few issues with the oil leaking and unfortunately when I took it in for an oil change a few months ago they refused to even do it because the engine was tapping so badly and there was under a quart of oil in there. Since then I've tried...
  17. VSA Cruise Ctrl Switch Replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    I've got both replacement switches ready to go but my big hands had a hell of a go at disconnecting and removing the bad switches in my E. Any tips on how to unplug and unlatch these assys from behind? VSA off switch: 35300-SCV-A01ZA (diagram #1) CC on/off switch: 36775-SCV-A01ZA (diagram #7)
  18. New Passenger Door - DIY

    So backing into a parking spot today I was T-boned by some lady who was too impatient to wait on me to get fully into the spot. Needless to say the bottom of the front passenger door is bent in which has caused the top of the door to be bent outwards, which both leak water now. Instead of...
  19. OEM fog lights, replacement parts

    I have only had my Honda Element for less than a month and one of my fog light lenses is already cracked in 6 places! I called the dealer to find out about replacing it and they told me they don't sell just the lenses. They said I'd have to buy another whole set of fog lights (for...