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  1. 2005 Pilot Brakes: Replace Master Cylinder?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Ok. so I've been looking at a lot of specs to see if this makes sense. The new E has a really haggard steering wheel and I found a pilot on Craigslist that is being parted out. The guy will give me the whole steering column and wheel for $60 (which gets me the pilot intermittent wiper, the...
  2. Wrong caliper from Rock Auto

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi gang, Started the Labor Day weekend early with a mission to change my E's rear brake pads, rotors, and calipers. Got my parts from Rock Auto and everything looked good. Everything was smooth sailing throughout, especially for my first time dealing with calipers, but when it came time to...
  3. Bosch Rotors

    Maintenance and Service
    Has anyone installed Bosch brake rotors on your E? If you did, do you remember the part number for the rear rotors? I may put these on a 2003, but I'm getting conflicting information. Bosch website has the part number as being #26010747. Most part dealers have it as #26010731, and don't even...
  4. Dodged a few bullets: airbag recall, front end noise fixed and tires rotated.

    Maintenance and Service
    Went in to get my tires rotated and left feeling like I dodged a number of bullets! Bullet number 1 So I imagine most of us have heard about the Massive Takata Airbag recall at this point and have looked around to make sure our Element was safe. Well I am not even half way through a 10,000...
  5. Screeching noise PLEASE help!! New member here.

    Problems & Issues
    Hey everyone, new member here in Seattle. Hope you all are well! I have a 2007 Element SC 2WD AT. I've owned this Element since new and luckily enough never had any issues. It has a little over 90K miles on it. So here is the problem I am facing. About 2 days ago I was driving and all of a...
  6. Bosch Rotors from Amazon

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi Everyone, I am new here. I just bought a 2003 Element, and am about to do a front brake job. I am new to Honda's so I figured I'd ask what brand of rotors you guys like. I saw the Bosch ones on Amazon for $39 each. I like that they are coated so the don't get all rusty (I live in Maine)...
  7. Rear Caliper, Rotor & backing plate debacle

    Problems & Issues
    I have found this EOC very informative lately and trust the info on here more so than my dealer these days... A quick history 07 EX currently with 75K. Right rear caliper froze at 27K, luckily I was still under warranty sorta... but after blowing my top & standing my ground I got a brand new...
  8. Weird Rust Looking Spots on All Rotors

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Last night it rained a lot, and this morning as I got to my Element, I noticed weird orange spots on all four rotors including the two brand new rear ones. I can't say I have ever noticed this before and I have had my car for more than 4 years. I just got brand new rotors from the dealer in...