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  1. Newly install Catalytic Converter - Now Idle Issues

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone looking for some help. I just had a new catalytic converter installed at the honda dealership on my 2003 element EX. This, after mine was stolen right off my car in the street one night here in los angeles. Anyway, when driving out of the dealership after picking up the car the...
  2. Towing at limit on long grade

    Racks, Hitches & Towing
    I have a 2005 automatic with an aftermarket transmission cooler. I pulled a 1700 lb. popup from L.A. to Bryce Canyon National Park and back last year with no issues, other than going up 4000 ft. on a long grade from Baker, CA towards Las Vegas. The rpms got up really high until I smartened up...
  3. Gearing in the Element

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Took a nice long trip (about 2 hr drive) and noticed that the Element is geared quite short! At about 80mph, the engine turns about 4000rpm which is about the gear ratio of my Integra (4.40FD Type-R Transmission). I love short gears but never thought the Element would have a similar setup. I...
  4. RPM Drop while driving. AT 04 EX

    Problems & Issues
    Hi. I'm new to this club. Just bought my E about three months ago. Really love it, but I'm having some issues. I've read some threads on here, and done a lot of what is suggested. I changed the IACV, but then I was still getting a TPS code. I changed the throttle body completely, and that seemed...
  5. RPMs going crazy in idle - thoughts?

    Problems & Issues
    Hey all! New to the forum and have a quick question. My beloved E is a 2006 EX AT, 114,000 miles, maintained well since birth. Started her up yesterday, and while idling, the RPMs went nuts - from the usual 800 to 1K, then up to 2K, down to 1K, up to get the idea. This happened...
  6. element issues. speedo, odometer, redlines at 4k RPMs

    Problems & Issues
    I found an element that im interested in buying. The asking price is 3500, which is great, but there are some potential severe problems that i'll have to fix to drive the car daily. My thought is that some of them might be connected in some way, but im not sure. The worst problem is that the...
  7. VTEC problem: Code P2646 (also 2647, 2648, 2649)

    Problems & Issues
    Well my dear EOC friends I have had my first problem with my Element after 96,000 miles. While driving down the road the other day my malfunction indicator lamp came on. I instantly thought it was my gas cap so I removed and reinstalled it and took off again but I started cutting out and losing...