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  1. Interior
    After looking through several threads on the SC console to EX mod, I think my best bet is to try and get a fully-assembled console pulled from an existing SC instead of parting this project together. I am no car jockey (but I can make a cheesecake that will blow your socks off - see below), so...
  2. Interior
    Well, it looks like I missed the party a few years back when SC center consoles appeared to be more plentiful. I'm currently searching junkyards online to find a unit to install. Will other years ('02-'07, '09-'11) fit in my '08, or am I stuck looking for the smallest of needles? Thanks in...
  3. Interior
    I just bought a new SC console and all the associated hardware and a set of SC mats from the guy on ebay who does the conversions. He is Battle Creek, MI which is about an hour from me so I went and picked it up this afternoon to save myself on the shipping. not having read much about the...
1-3 of 3 Results