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  1. Need to install 2-seater back seat, not one!

    I just purchased a used 2008 vehicle that came with one, 1-seat in the back (the other was removed). I have a 115 pound Great Dane and I need to strap her in with a special dog car harness onto a seat that is BIG, i.e TWO SEATS that run together (like the normal back seat of a car). The harness...
  2. new to "Club Element"

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi, folks. I'm on my fifth month of ownership of an '06 EX. Missing the utility of my old Isuzu Trooper IIs, this is as close to that spirit as I could get... only, better. I love this little tank. Only, not finding a Haynes service manual is disappointing. New issue, as of yesterday: couldn't...
  3. Replacing back seat belt and side window weather stripping?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    So my dog decided today he didn't want to be left alone in the car and let us know by tearing the black rubber weather stripping stuff off on both the backseat windows and chewing through one of the back seat belts. So pleased! I'm wondering if these things can be fairly easily replaced DIY or...
  4. Seat Belt won't unlock

    Problems & Issues
    My rear seat belts are showing signs of fatigue ... besides the slow retract which I got to live with ... the left rear belt is now stuck in retract position and can no longer be pulled out. I had this situation couple times before where I was able to jingle it and got it to release, but now...
  5. Quieting or disabling the beep (2003-06)

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I finally figured out how to remove the beeper unit from the circuit board inside the instrument cluster on the early model Elements! Like many other E owners, I found that beeper to be annoyingly loud. For months I would check in to the forum looking for clues as to how to tame it... and I...
  6. Newbie owner looking for dog proof seat cover for back bench seats

    Got my 09 Ellie back in Sept during the last days (make that the very last day!) of the cash for clunkers push. What a great decision! I own a stamping business and Ellie has been perfect in all respects for that. Also have a great half Border Collie, half Welsh Corgi who needs lots of exercise...
  7. Seat Belt Button Stop

    My 'Seat Belt Button Stop' has broken and is now missing. You really don't know what it is UNTIL it's gone. What a pain it is now to reach way down next to the floor to grab the buckle. Does anyone know where I can get one and also - any special tool required to install? two pictures: One...
  8. WTB Passenger Side Seat Belt Receptacle

    Trading Post
    My dog, bless his innocent little heart(!!!?), got bored one day and decided to chew on the passenger side seat belt receptacle on my '08 E. It still works, but it's really tough to get the buckle in and then out. Anybody have one that they'd sell me? I have the platinum/titanium interior...
  9. Seat belt extenders

    Problems & Issues
    I'm what might be considered a huge man, and although I am pleased with the roominess of my 2007 Element SC, I can't wear the seat belt comfortably. Anyone else out there have this problem? Honda is one of the few companies who do not offer any kind of extensions for their safety belt system...
  10. Quieting or disabling the beep (2007-11)

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Picked up a 2007 EX this week and the first thing I have to fix is the key in ignition bell. I've actually done this on my company car (a 2005 Taurus) so I knew what to do. I pulled out the insterment cluster (one srew on side, the rest pulls off), removed the back half, and found that ear...
  11. Seat belt beep / chime, disabling

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Is there a way to rig the E to think the seatbelt is connected at all times so it doesn't beep when you start the car? I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt but I don't put it on until after I start my car and that beep is so friggin' loud.