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  1. Interior
    Today i finally got new seat covers to fix the “crackling” issue on the exterior driver’s side seat panel that is a chronic problem on 2006 EX Elements (including my own). I got them from Wet Okole, they are neoprene, and i LOVE them!! See the before & after pix!
  2. Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Hi to all the lovely people who have an Element.I bought my 03 in 03 , I had too put up with a lot of teasing, but I have the last laugh. I want to get 2 Element seat covers. They are really great as I have one. Love the Element name upholstering. I can’t find them..pls help Also not happy that...
  3. Interior
    So finally getting to do some work on my Element after having it a couple years. I need to replace the seat upholstery/cover on the driver's side it is an 06. I have found someone selling the upholstery/cover from an 07. They are both cloth seats and it looks the same but I wonder if it will...
  4. Interior
    Looking for custom seat covers for my 2009 Element anyone have any suggestions for the best fit, comfort and value?
  5. Interior
    Greetings to the EOC community! I just purchased my dream Element (2009 EX in Citrus Fire Metallic) with the Titanium/Black interior trim. Currently purchasing some accessories to jazz up her personality a bit. After reading the great insights from community members, I am purchasing the...
  6. Interior
    I am on set number two as neither fit. I have a 2011 and the dogs are with me 24/7 - trying to keep seats clean. First set (beige cloth heavy duty)were ordered from the Honda dealer and supposed to be custom. The head rest was a rectangle, the arm rest too short, and the seat covers had no...
  7. Greetings & Introductions
    hey all. i bought an 04 element EX not too long ago in Philly and drove it out here to Portland Oregon (paid 3,000 on ebay) and fixed it up a bit. it was a gamble but for the price there would have to be ALOT wrong with it for me not to take it. the rear sway arm bushings came first as there...
  8. Greetings & Introductions
    Just got my third Element following a wash-out of my second due to Sandy in NJ! I began with a new AT '03 EX Black which I traded in for a new '06 AT Blue EX-P in '06. That car had 97K when along came Sandy and washed her away along with my '90 Miata (127k) and my '02 Shadow Cycle!! Now I've...
  9. Trading Post
    For anyone interested I'm selling my All-Weather Front Seat Covers. They retail at about $70 each but I'm selling both of mine for $65.00. They're definitely used but in decent condition with no tearing, rips or major stains although. I'm in Frederick, MD and would be available for a local...
  10. 'E'ccessories
    Got my 09 Ellie back in Sept during the last days (make that the very last day!) of the cash for clunkers push. What a great decision! I own a stamping business and Ellie has been perfect in all respects for that. Also have a great half Border Collie, half Welsh Corgi who needs lots of exercise...
  11. Interior
    OK, I'm one of those yutz's that drive around with the dog in the back seat. I know she's gonna be plenty p/o'd that the back windows don't open, but that's her problem. My problem is finding a seatcover for the back seats to save them from wear and tear. Any suggestions?
1-11 of 12 Results