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  1. Fs: custom Neoprene Seat Covers

    Trading Post
    Hey folks. I'm looking to sell custom neoprene seat covers, made exactly to fit the back seats of a Honda Element. I'd like $190 (that includes standard shipping for those in the states). I kept my seats folded up most of the time so the covers are like brand new. They are all black and easy to...
  2. FS Cover King Seat Covcers - Front Only

    Trading Post
    Traded in my E and I have almost brand new cover king seat covers for the front seats only. (Driver and Passenger) Selling for 100$ + Shipping, for both will not split. The Colors are Black and Charcoal as seen in this amazon link: Please Note: The driver side is the only one with an armrest...
  3. Replacing worn out seats

    DH is going to have his 2003 element reupholstered and they are going to try and switch the passenger seat to the driver's side because the driver's seat is completely worn out. I want to order him another seat online from a salvage yard and have it shipped to us and then he can pay someone to...
  4. FS: aftermarket seat covers for front seats

    Trading Post
    I bought these on eBay years ago. They are aftermarket seat covers that cover most of the front seats, allowing for access to the rear storage areas on the seats. They were made specifically for the Element. They are a dark charcoal gray in color and are like a velour type material...
  5. Seat Cracking

    Problems & Issues
    I wanted to ask if anyone has been able to fix the crackes in their driver's seat? Mine is an 2004. in 2008 I found an epoxy I was able to fill in the cracks and then cover with wax paper and a brick for 6 hours. When I removed the brick and peeled off the paper it looked almost brand new. the...
  6. Driver's Seat Noise - NOT Rocking or Springs

    Problems & Issues
    Please note: This is not the seat rocking issue covered by TSB 03-032, nor is it the springs creaking in the back of the seat. I’ve found both issues on here by searching, but this is something completely different. I hope somebody has an answer or suggestion – any thoughts would be welcome, as...
  7. Help: Upper strut seat orientation?

    Maintenance and Service
    2004 Element EX 4WD with knocking coming from my front left strut. I've replaced struts and mount kits(kyb), sway bushings, end links, and compliance bushings, and brake pads. Mechanic says its either a bad shock, bad mount kit, or incorrect installation (I did the struts myself). I suspect...
  8. New Leather Interior - Installed w/pics

    ok, this was a total bitch to install. I dont think there is a single muscle/bone in my fingers/hands that dont hurt right now! The pictures make them look grey, but they are jet black. There are more pictures in my albums. tomorrw i have to restretch to get the remaining few wrinkles out...
  9. Rear Seat Cup Holder Removal

    I'm currently reupholstering my rear seat because I let my friend borrow my E and he smoked in it even though he knows that I would've never allowed it. He refused to pay for the damages, and now he's not so much of a good friend now. Anyways, I'm in the process of taking apart the old...
  10. Armrest on 2005 LX.

    I have a 2005 LX and am wanting to install an armrest. All the instructions say to unzip the seat cover to access the mounting bracket. I have been unable find a zipper (after looking many, many times). Do the 2005 LX's (that don't come with any armrest) still have a zipper on the seats.
  11. 07 Seat Belts - THUMBS DOWN!

    I have just spent a MISERABLE week in a new Trail Blazer WITH the new seat mounted seatbelts. It was an experience I do not care to repeat again as long as I live. If the SC seatbelts are like this they WILL NOT be comfortable for people under 5'5" tall. Both the driver and passenger seatbelts...
  12. Rear seat recline or anchor release strap

    Problems & Issues
    Does anyone know the easiest way to retrieve a lost rear seat adjuster loop? I can't see it down the seat hole, and I can't seem to get it with long tweezers. Is there a way to grab it or get to it. I see zippers on the seat but didn't want to get to that point. Help please!
  13. Seat fabric: rips, cuts, cracks, split seams

    I have a small tear in the back of the passager rear seats near the cup holder? The tear is located between the side seat < the seams > and the cup holder. I only have 2,100 miles and rarely have someone sit in the back. Will Honda fix this problem before it rips completely! Also the...
  14. Seat fabric: cleaning and repair

    I know I should read the manual but what the heck Ok I got a piece of chocolate rubbed into the drivers seat. So I rubbed it with a damp cloth, with water nothing else... Now I have a water stain and a faint chocolate stain. What shoudl I use to clean this seat properly?
  15. Front seat cover / upholstery : Honda and aftermarket, plus side-airbag compatibility

    Hi all, With the durability of the seats, has anyone gotten the optional seat covers, and if you did, why? My wife and I are thinking about them, but we don't know if they are worth it.