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  1. Interior
    Anyone ever swapped out their seatbelts (front, back, both?) with a different color? I think the FLAME RED at this link would look pretty cool in my E: I searched a while on the forums, and maybe I'm just a noob, but couldn't find anyone...
  2. Interior
    One of my tiny plastic parts came loose, and all the tabs broke off of it when my door closed. It's this little plastic part below the seatbelt. How would you guys go about finding a new one? I also have a crack in the wall panel that attaches to this little guy.... y'all recommend super glue?
  3. Interior
    I have just spent a MISERABLE week in a new Trail Blazer WITH the new seat mounted seatbelts. It was an experience I do not care to repeat again as long as I live. If the SC seatbelts are like this they WILL NOT be comfortable for people under 5'5" tall. Both the driver and passenger seatbelts...
1-3 of 3 Results