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  1. Problems & Issues
    I've had a 2008 Element for less than a year and I just got my Catalytic Converter stolen. Upon doing research, I've found that the Honda Element is one of the most targeted vehicles on the market that gets its cat. conv. stolen. I've looked online at devices like the CatClamp, CatLoc etc...
  2. 'E'ccessories
    So much to my enjoyment I found that my element had both an alarm and CD changer that the dealer neglected to mention to me.... heres the problem I threw my keys at an ex and broke the clicker, (cars still around she isn't) where can I get a new one and (about) how much are they ....:cool:
  3. Mobile Electronics
    Hello everyone, I took ownership of a used 2004 Element. Seems like a great car, but after looking around the interior, I found that the vehicle has an aftermarket security system. And now my question, does anyone have a user manual for a KARR 2040a security system? I didn't get any remotes...
1-3 of 3 Results