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  1. Door open monitor light is on.

    Problems & Issues
    My driver's door open monitor light is on. The door is tightly closed (I've opened and shut it several times), and I've checked the rubber button which, I think, controls the sensor. Before I drop money at the dealer for what may be nothing, I'd appreciate suggestions on diagnosing and fixing...
  2. Throttle Body / Check Engine Light / TPS Issue

    Problems & Issues
    Hey Guys (& Gals) I hate to add to the large lists of posts requesting help - but I need help haha. To start, I'm not cheaping out - I've had my E at numerous mechanics numerous times and still no fix / answers. So I'm hoping someone out there has some ideas. I have a 2006 Element EXP AWD...
  3. check engine light, E spends LOTS OF GAS

    Problems & Issues
    couple weeks ago, my E turned the check engine on, i took my E to the computer test but nothing showed up. besides, i've noticed that my E is spending more gasoline since the light turned on.... ANY IDEA??
  4. Knock sensor / DTC P0325

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, Where is the knock sensor located and how do I get to it? Does it involve the removal of a lot of parts? Thanks!