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  1. Shaking While Stopped in R or D (2011 EX AWD)

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    My Element is shaking a lot while stopped in reverse or drive, or while driving at idle speeds in reverse. This happens regardless of how long the car has been running (or not running), and goes away once it starts moving. The transmission shifts beautifully, and doesn't grind, or show any other...
  2. Car does not roll when I let off the brakes.

    Problems & Issues
    Recently I went on a 6 hour round trip. By the time I made it home my E was not driving well, shaking steering wheel and rolling into my complex I am pretty sure I heard a squeaking sound. I thought it might be the brakes and warped rotors so I took it in to have the brakes done. Turns out the...
  3. AT shudder / shake on acceleration

    Problems & Issues
    I have 07 Element SC with about 85,000 miles on it. I have noticed for about the last 20,000 a shaking during acceleration. Let me explain: Usually happens within the first 10 minutes of starting happens during my acceleration, only during the 30-40mph range. it is s light shudering if that is...
  4. Battery & Check Engine

    Problems & Issues
    Hey there! I'm new to the forum...long time lurker, first time poster. anyways, My E was taken in 1 month ago for new rodors & brakes and because the check Engine light came on. Service shop found nothing wrong anything else but did say i needed new tires (engine light turned off about 30min...
  5. Tsb 03-042

    Recalls, TSB's and Notices
    My 2003 Element vibrates while idling while warming up. I took into a local shop and they said to take it to the dealer with the TSB #03-042 and said it needed updated engine mounts and also wrote (engine idle smoothing kit, PN/50830 - SDA -999). I called Honda and gave them the TSB # but they...