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  1. Shift frozen in park.

    Problems & Issues
    Can the Element be towed in this situation? Underlying this is a total problem of new battery but no power anywhere in the car. Perhaps lack of power is is locking the shift. I tried the shift release, but with no power to the ignition, nothing worked. If I have to, should it be towed on a...
  2. Starts, no instruments, stuck in Park

    Problems & Issues
    Background: am installing a Kenwood Nav/BU, etc. and finally working on the BU camera part. Found a/the plug and green wire on console R-side that triggers the BU lights, so scraped a bit of insulation and tapped a wire to the head-unit. Perfect: camera on when move to Reverse. Back to Park...
  3. 2005 Element EX AT shift lever stuck in park

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi, I'm a new member to the club. My 2005 Element 4WD EX AT shift lever is stuck in park, and I have to manually release it by poking a wooden chopstick in the hole in the console next to it. I've had it looked at and was told I need a new computer (ECU ECM). Does anyone know if I can buy a used...
  4. Won't shift into gear after starting / brake issue?

    Problems & Issues
    I've got a 2003 Element, 116K miles. Over the last few days, I've suddenly had trouble shifting my car into gear/out of park after starting it... I have no trouble starting it, but when I apply the brake and try to push in the thumb button on the shift to get into gear, the thumb button won't...
  5. Reverse Lockout Problem - '03 Element

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi folks. I'm having a problem with the reverse lockout on my Element. It does not work when you step on the brakes and try to shift from Park to Reverse. I can manually release the lock using a screwdriver per the procedure in the owner's manual. My brake lights work fine. So I suspect...