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  1. Problems & Issues
    Aux port / power port Good day, I have a 2003 EX and recently the AUX port started to not work. I have to move the cable around into awkward positions to get it to transmit sound from my iphone. I've tried different cables and have come to the conclusion that it must be a loose wire or short...
  2. Problems & Issues
    My 2007 LX caught fire on Friday (10/9/09). The local dealer said it was a short in the wiring harness leading to the ABS. Anyone have this experience?
  3. Mobile Electronics
    My whole system is self installed. My front right speaker seems to be the trouble. I've replaced the wires going to it twice and managed to solve the problem. This made me think I was running the wire through an area where it was too easily pinched. Today the amp once again went into...
1-3 of 3 Results