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  1. Engine Shudder

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone, I just bought an '04, AWD, auto, y-package Element with 299km on it. While bringing it home, there was what sounded like a shudder in the engine while driving, almost like it wanted to stall. Please help! What could this be? And how do I fix it myself before it's really bad...
  2. Shudder when turning right

    Problems & Issues
    Whenever I am going 50+ MPH around a curve turning to the right I get a strong shudder. I don't notice it on the freeway, only the back roads around here in the hills with higher speed limits. It never happens when I am turning to the left. It's worse if I am on the gas pedal and lets up when I...
  3. Shuddering when accelerating from rest.

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all. I got my hands on a 2003 EX auto last October with right at 88k miles on it. I've taken it to 97k, but have an issue that I am just not sure what to think about. First of all the car has a very extensive maintenance record with almost exclusively dealer servicing. The only...
  4. front end shudder

    Problems & Issues
    Between 30 and 40 mph under light acceleration on slightly rough road, a vibration starts that I can feel in the gas pedal and floor board .. not side to side, seems to be up and down. Generally, it stops within seconds on it's own; if not I let up on the gas and that stops it. Vehicle has...
  5. "D" for drive is flashing

    Problems & Issues
    Well, my father just called me and asked me if i knew what would cause his E shift harshly into reverse and drive from park. He said the "D" on the dash is always flashing now no matter if it's in drive or park or any other gear. I have no idea what would cause this but teh manual says there may...