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side steps

  1. Looking for ‘09-‘11 OEM Side steps

    It’s a long shot but I figured I’d ask. Anyone got any they’re letting go of?
  2. Side Steps for Rear Doors Only ?

    Hi -- Recently I've had some older and some shorter friends and passengers have a hard time climbing into the back seat. I don't really want running boards because I don't need them for the front seats, and I think they stick out too far, so I don't want to have to step over them or risk banging...
  3. WTB Side Steps & Mud Flaps 4 2010 E

    Trading Post
    Looking to buy used OEM honda Side Steps for 2010 Model. Anyone selling theirs? Also looking for mud flaps as well. thanks all D
  4. FS: OEM side steps Madison WI

    Trading Post
    Honda OEM side steps from a 2003 Element. Purchased from H and A about 7 years ago. Pickup only, I don't want to ship. Located in Madison Wisconsin. Very good shape. Some of the 13mm nuts and bolts should be swapped out with fresh ones, though. The 18mm hardware is fine. PM me an email...
  5. Help With OEM Side Step Scratch Repair

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Found a pre-owned set that have a couple of noticeable scratches, but otherwise just need a cleaning. Anyone have experience with powder coat touch up process or procedures?
  6. FS: Side Steps, Mud Flaps/Guards, LH Headlight OEM (FL)

    Trading Post
    All Items came off of an 2008 Element EX and are USED. Available for local pick up in Central Florida (Volusia, Seminole, Orange, Flagler, Lake, Brevard Counties). I will meet halfway for delivery. The Mud Flaps and Headlight I will ship to the 48 states, you will pay shipping. The Side Steps...
  7. Side Step Compatibility

    Hey All, Would anyone happen to know if OEM side steps from an 04 will fit on an 08? I've looked through some threads that stated side steps from models after the year you have will fit.
  8. E-bay nerf step bars

    Hello all, I was just checking on e-bay nerf bars, saw some for 85 bucks...anybody out there used these cheaper type ones? Any good? I'm thinking of getting black ones for my 04 s.o.p. The price is about right, but how do they really look? Thanks!!
  9. A couple of real steals...

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    I have an '03 SOP EX AWD 5spd manual Element now with 57k miles. The poor little guy has been crashed twice, and now sports mostly all new front end parts. I've recently had to replace the half-shafts, and all four shocks/struts. It has a UHaul 2" reciever hitch and a Prodigy brake controller...
  10. FS: OEM side steps black local pickup

    Trading Post
    selling my factory element side steps that i sprayed matte black. all hardware included. i have a picture of my truck with them on it in my gallery, and i will try to get some other pictures up too. there is a piece of one of the braces that is missing. it was that way when i got them from a...
  11. FS: Side Steps off an 06 EX-P, and other OEM Accessories

    Trading Post
    Some more parting taking place here, this time I have OEM Side Steps for SALE. Please keep in mind these are used, check out the pics. $200 picked up. Also, these are coming off a 2006 so PLEASE do your research, I was told these sidesteps may not fit properly in earlier models, I believe...
  12. Bull Bar + side steps?

    Hey, Anyone have both a Bull Bar and side steps installed? Just wondering if it's too much or not. thanks!
  13. Steelcraft Grille & Brush Guard and Side Steps

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Here are some photos of my TRP-E with Steelcraft grille & brush guard and side steps. I wanted the black to go with all of the black trim on the car. Besides, the black was a lot cheaper than the stainless steel! I think it looks hot. I've included a photo of the Injen exhaust tip.