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  1. Trading Post
    I just bought my Element a few months ago, and I got really excited about all of the OEM accessories available. When I saw this skylight shade on eBay a couple of weeks ago, I got real excited and pounced on it. I have since installed a massive Yakima Skybox 21 on the roof (which blocks most...
  2. Interior
    There's a horizontal protrusion below the hinged end of the skylight that looks like it should pull out like a horizontal window shade across the skylight. But it does not pull out or move at all. What is it? I have zero need for a skylight shade. I'm just curious.
  3. Exterior
    Lately my wife has taken over my Element EX. Strange things keep happening, dings here and there, but this has to be the tops. Washing it the other day, I noticed a good foot of the skylight rubber seal has been pecked away, either by a squirrel or crows or both. This rubber seal can't be...
1-3 of 3 Results