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  1. 03 element temp camper

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Hi. I love my element, 196k miles going strong. I’ve had it about a year and half. I’ve used a simple plywood mod for some epic storage on a road trip (MA to VA) but last weekend I finally slept in it. Me, a few months pregnant, my nine year old and my pit bull/lab mix. We put all the seats down...
  2. Bunks or hammocks for kids?

    Bikin', Campin', Hikin', and Kayakin'
    Aloha! I have been hunting through all of the sleeping platform mods, and am trying to figure out if there's a way to set up comfortable sleeping for myself and 2 kids (ages 10 and 12). We are heading on our first road trip in the E this month, and I'd love to not bring a tent along. I've been...
  3. Sleeping Platform / Secure Storage

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I was so impressed with all the ideas here, I thought I'd post the results of my own project. I'm a photographer and travel frequently, and often in remote areas. A comfortable place to sleep saves my budget and my body. Traveling with a bunch of gear also makes me worry - whether it's a...
  4. Take out front passenger seat for sleeping

    Hey guys, I have been reading up about taking out the front passenger seat and how that messes up the airbags and stuff. I don't really care about that to much. I'm going to be trying to live in my element, at least during the cold months out of the year so I am planning to take out that front...
  5. Sleeping platform for one person with recliner option

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hello, First I must admit that I have gone over many of the posts for certain Element mod's but never registered. I have used ideas from all sources found here including Rishio, ramblerdan, Gaily, YouTube vid from itsthedem, BikeZen, and mostly a Flickr photoset from thetimetravelers. I...
  6. Too poor for a pop-up... I'm gonna try THIS.

    Bikin', Campin', Hikin', and Kayakin'
    Hey guys, I was thinking... Has anyone thought about putting a rectangular dome tent on the roof? I would think that you couldput the ends of the poles down into carefully drilled out locations in the upper trim, and it would have the same function as a pop-up... extra sleeping space. You'll...
  7. Sleeping options: air mattresses, etc.

    Bikin', Campin', Hikin', and Kayakin'
    In your camping experiences, what have you found to be the best air mattress to buy? I want to get one for the E. There seem to be a lot on the store shelves with little way to compare one with another except for the photos on the boxes. I remember sleeping on these things years ago and...