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  1. Interior
    Hello All, I am not sure if this is on the right forum, and can move this if need be. I am new to the element community, and bought a SOP 2003 4WD EX yesterday with 195723 miles on it. When I bought it from the second owner, it was extremely filthy, and is full of dog hair. It reeks of dog and...
  2. Problems & Issues
    Has anyone encountered a burning wood type smell coming from their E? I seem to be having that wood burning smell after driving on the freeway. The smell started after Wednesday's rain here in the San Fernando Valley area in California. I was driving in flooded streets. I already ruled out that...
  3. Problems & Issues
    Hi all, Our 2005 Element developed a coolant smell about two weeks ago. It is definitely more noticeable when the heat it running. I guessed heater core or radiator. There were no obvious leaks by the radiator or the hoses going to/from the heater core through the firewall. There are no...
1-3 of 3 Results