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  1. Excess oil in combustion chamber after compression test?

    Problems & Issues
    Howdy all. Lurker becoming a first time poster, though I wish it was under better circumstances. As a note, I do have the owner's and shop manuals. Due to tangentially related issues I decided to do a cylinder compression test today. (Slow coolant leak, rough idle on startup, P0303 thrown) I...
  2. Smoke After Long Idle

    Problems & Issues
    Hey there! I am a huge fan of the forum, and definitely a long time lurker. However, the time has come to ask upon the collective expertise of the forum members. I have searched for quite some time now regarding this issue and I am really at a loss for an answer. My 2005 EX will spit out a...
  3. Dog and Smoke Smell

    Hello All, I am not sure if this is on the right forum, and can move this if need be. I am new to the element community, and bought a SOP 2003 4WD EX yesterday with 195723 miles on it. When I bought it from the second owner, it was extremely filthy, and is full of dog hair. It reeks of dog and...
  4. Electrical Issues

    Problems & Issues
    2004 Honda Element EX AWD :evil: Recently the rear left amber turn signal started staying on. It would be on sometimes, off others. This would interfere with the turn signal flashing correctly. Today while sitting still with just the running light on and foot on the brake, that same rear left...