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  1. Need help - solenoid attachment

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hey guys, I have set up a dual battery system, I have it all set except one thing. I need a place to attach the solenoid's wire - the one that tells it when the ignition is on or off. Which fuse can I attach this to, or which wire, I haven't had any luck figuring this out or finding info on it...
  2. New Battery, Won't Start. Solenoid or Starter Problem?

    Problems & Issues
    Help! I'm supposed to drive up to Yosemite for vacation on Friday, and now my 2005 EX won't start. Help! Synopsis: After not driving the car for 2 weeks, I tried to start it and the engine *barely* turned over. Dash & interior lights and the radio all worked, however. I tried jump starting it...
  3. Starter Relay Buzz?

    Problems & Issues
    Wondering if anyone has or had this problem? My '04 Element has developed a "buzzing" sound behind the gas guage cluster quite often when I attempting to start the vehicle. When this happens the starter does not engage and the Element will not start. I release the key and try again and...
  4. Code P1009

    Problems & Issues
    I have gotten a check engine light twice in a few days, cleared one and it came back on again. Well it was code P1009. Witch means VTC actuator failure. So honda checked code and replaced VTEC valve switch assymbly. Then code came back up on HDS test for them witch ended up being a valve...