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spark plugs

  1. Maintenance and Service
    My wife's Element just hit 100K miles, and the #4 service came up. We'll be getting the valve adjustment soon, but I went ahead and changed the spark plugs. Here's my DIY video.
  2. Maintenance and Service
    1. What is the gap suppose to be? I see people say the spark plug gap is off on one of their new spark plugs but don't know what they should all be at. Could I have Autozone check and adjust if needed before I leave the store? 2. Where should I add lithium grease? 3. Is 13lbs of torque is...
  3. Problems & Issues
    PLEASE, I am in serious need of some help E owners. I have a '03 EX, manual w/ about 90k miles on it. Earlier this month my system pressurized for some reason and blew the lower radiator hose off, overheating the engine. It was turned off as soon as I could but it was night so we didn't see...
  4. Maintenance and Service
    I just replaced my spark plugs at 70,000 miles. Can some one look at these photos and tell me if they look good for 70,000 miles? Should I have changed them sooner or did I have some miles left on them. P.S. the macro shot really lets you see so much more. More than you can see with just your...
  5. Maintenance and Service
    Is anyone using the Bosch Platinum +4, +2 or standard electrode spark plugs in any vehicle? If so do they provide better all around performance for the price? Lastly, are they really worth it? If so I plan on putting them in a Chevy 350 small block.