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  1. Front door speaker replacement in 2011 EX

    Mobile Electronics
    I ordered to a new head unit (Kenwood DMX7706S) and am also planning on replacing the front door speakers. I ordered a pair of Kicker CS 6 1/2" 2 way speakers that have a tweeter in them. I figured it's be simpler than getting component speakers and swapping out the factory tweeters as well...
  2. Head Unit and Speaker compatibility

    Mobile Electronics
    I recently acquired a new Head Unit: I noticed the manual says not to use any speaker impedance between 1 and 3 ohm. My center-console sub is as follows: Brand: Kicker Type: Non-Enclosed Subwoofer RMS Power: 150W Voice Coil...
  3. dead battery -> jumpstarted -> speakers fail!

    Problems & Issues
    I was driving home the other night, and since it was after a gig, i was exhausted. i decided to pull over and take a little nap. I awoke to a clicking noise coming from the steering wheel area. I tried to start the car and it didn't even turn over. Turns out i left the lights on (when i...