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  1. CT Sounds Speakers

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey all, Im considering replacing my 20+ year old JL Audio W6s. They still bump, but I've been over my basshead phase for a long time, but I still have a bandpass box. Wanting to go ported for more frequency range and a little more kick. ANYWAY, I came across CT Sounds speakers and they seem...
  2. Replacing an OEM subwoofer with another OEM subwoofer

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi E-owners Club, Was reffered here from the Element subreddit on Reddit. My stock subwoofer on my 2003 Element EX blown after a good thirteen years. I recently bought an OEM subwoofer from eBay that fits the EX. I assume it should work, but wanna ask first. If not, I'll do all the return...
  3. 2011 Element Stereo Upgrade for $500-$1000

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello Owners, I own a 2011 EX that I use for commuting and camping. I have an affinity for both loud, bass-heavy electronic music, as well as many other genres requiring less punch. I also watch movies on my laptop when car/bike camping and hook the audio to the aux input. My knowledge of...
  4. Brights failed, speakers non-functional, help please!

    Problems & Issues
    Quick Backstory: I have a 2003 Honda Element 4WD DX AT. I picked it up second hand with 100k miles and had almost no trouble for the first ~3 years of use. Last winter while driving with the heat up, wipers on, brights on, music up, and a 300W power inverter plugged in (I know, I'm an idiot) I...
  5. New Speakers

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I'm looking into replacing the stock speakers in my Ele and I was curious what I should use? Should I get coaxials all around or do compliment for the front and coaxial for the back two. Also what is a good brand to use? And what type and size? Would it be best to have it professionally...
  6. Replacement of Stock Speakers Please Help

    Mobile Electronics
    I replaced all the stock speakers with 6.5 after market speakers. The sound comes out normal at the begining but after a while the speakers go out of sound and only the Subwoofer works. PLEASE HELP. On the driver side speaker there are four wires to be inputed into the new speaker while the...
  7. Better Speakers

    Im looking to put new speakers in my element, Something not the most expensive if it doesn't have to be and I wanna make sure there isn't feedback so it sounds like crap any ideas ?
  8. How to Wire Aftermarket Radio to Factory Amp

    Mobile Electronics
    This diagram is ONLY for the SC, EX, and EX-P with the factory double-DIN radio, amplifier, and subwoofer. This is NOT for the DX or LX. The first picture shows how the radio is basically wired from Honda. The radio puts out a line-level(low-level) signal to the amplifier thru the big black...