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  1. Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Test drove an 06 Element EX-P AWD with 120k yesterday, it is in good condition overall but the only other V4 I've driven is a 94 Nissan Sentra which feels quick for its size because it's smaller and I imagine lighter. However, the Element's acceleration felt like it was holding back, like it...
  2. Under The Hood / Performance
    So I know that Elements are not meant to be fast, but hey lets have some fun here. If you were given the task of taking a 2004 Element EX MT and making it somehow fast enough to get in the low to mid 5 second range 0 to 60, what would you do. Please be through in options, part numbers, and...
  3. Under The Hood / Performance
    i'm looking into getting an element, and like any good modifier would do, i'm seeking solutions prior to purchase. i'll probably go with a custom intake/header/cat/exhaust from lht performance, but how the helk would i tune? aem/apexi/greddy? any help would be greatly appreciated =) regards...
1-3 of 3 Results