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  1. car squeaking while driving

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2003 EX automatic and I'm having high pitched squeaking while driving my car. it's nearly always been there but now that I'm looking to sell it (sad face), I need to remedy this as I'm sure a prospective new owner is going to be wary of this situation. When it is driving in slightly...
  2. 07 SC with rear squeaking (video included), where is it coming from?

    Problems & Issues
    I know, there's tons of threads on "squeaking" and the rear end. I have had this issue for a while, actually since putting my coil overs on 2 years ago. There's an annoying (loud) squeak noise that's driving me nuts and passengers always ask what the sound is and where it's coming from. The...
  3. Okay to buy aftermarket front struts?

    Problems & Issues
    Better to buy struts & bring to my own mechanic? Hi, I recently bought a 2005 EX with 114k miles. I've been noticing lately a squeak from the left front wheel area ONLY when the car is cold. It goes away after a while and in midday temps (I live in Santa Monica, CA). The squeak is not loud...
  4. Bushings & Ball Joints

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I have a 2004 Honda Element. I am planning on driving from NY to FL, round trip for the holidays, so got a diagnositic on front end as it squeaks when driving over rough roads, especially in the mornings. Vehicle drives and steers fine, just is a bit noisy, overall whirring noise from front end...