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starting issue

  1. Starts rough then smooths out, sometimes

    Problems & Issues
    Sometimes cranks fine but starts really rough. If I goose it a bit and get it about about 2K rpm it smooths out and runs normally, and continues to do so. Most of the time it starts normally. Usually happens when it has sat overnight or the outside air temp is low. But yesterday it happened at...
  2. New owner with problems starting the car

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi everyone! I just purchased a 2008 4WD 5dr automatic EX. I've loved the element for years, but have just purchased one now. I love driving it so far, the breaks are clean and it's must faster than i expected. One problem I'm encountering is that sometimes, (I say sometimes because the car does...
  3. Power Loss - Not As Simple As A Dead Battery

    Problems & Issues
    This has happened before to me and happened again last night where I go to start my Element and nothing. No lights, no noises, completely dead no power from the battery. I know this because I have to reset my radio clock when it happens. The strange part is when I connect the jumper leads to...
  4. Need some advice!!!

    Problems & Issues
    2006 E, the engine grenades itself, so I picked one up from the recycle yard, also came out of a 2006 E, it has 107,000 miles Replaced all the important gaskets including head gasket,and bolts, timing, oil pump chains, and components. Got it all back together, and stated for the first time. It...
  5. 2004 E Slow Crank Then Won't Start

    Problems & Issues
    A few days ago my E began having issues starting. It would crank and get weaker and weaker until it wouldn't turn over anymore. But after waiting for 30-40 minutes it would start up, after that it would start just fine for the rest of the day. Then again, after it sitting all night, it would...
  6. Help my car wouldnt start 2 times in 2 weeks - turns over NOT BATTERY + VIDEO

    Maintenance and Service
    so 2 times this week my car wouldnt start. same symptoms though. i get in turn the key and the car starts blinking dash lights fast as i try to crank it. it will turn over but wont start. then when i start cranking the lights blink slower but still blink.. i attached a video. please help...
  7. Help please

    Problems & Issues
    I replaced a bad battery in my friends 2003 honda element and it still won't start so I went to the old school tap on the starter that helped some I tried jumping the car in hopes that the new battery had sat on the self to long and that also didn't work idk what route to go here can anyone...