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  1. What would make the E harder to steer right?

    Problems & Issues
    We have 165k on our 2010 E that we bought used with 79K on it 5 years ago. After 3 alignments over the the last 85k miles (after new tires, new struts, etc.), the car has always required slightly more effort to turn right than left. It will likewise drift slightly left on an even road. We've...
  2. Element steering rack play (adding?)

    Problems & Issues
    I've had my '07 FWD 5MT (120K)for a number of years and it has always been a handful on the highway. Previous inquiries all yielded the same recommendation: alignment, but 2 alignments and 2 sets of tires made no difference. If you looked away from the road for a split second, you would be on...
  3. Steering clunk

    Problems & Issues
    As we turn full left or full right we get a loud clunk just before the end of travel. Dealer used an"electronic noise locater" & says steering gear is going. $1400 repair. We had CV boots replaced yesterday and I had the mechaninc spin the steering wheel while the axles we disconnected. Clunk...
  4. Loose steering inducing car sickness and nausea.

    Problems & Issues
    We just purchased our first Element a few months ago. It has 19,000 miles and is in great condition. My only glitch is the steering is very loose in the 'center' position causing nausea-inducing handling for many of our guests/passengers. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if there...
  5. Power Steering Pump Choices

    Maintenance and Service
    2004 with 129,000 miles and the p/s pump is getting tired.... autozone lists a Duralast for $87 advance auto lists a Fenco for $145 any experience with either and thoughts on such a wide price range would be greatly appreciated!! anyone else have a p/s pump issue? thx Elton '04 EX 4WD AT
  6. Noise when turning tight radius

    Problems & Issues
    I feel like since the first time I put on chains to get up to Hood, when I turn tight spaces (parking,etc.) I get a noise emanating from the wheels/steering column. The best way to describe it to me would be like big knobby tires on pavement; each tread rubbing/gripping into the cracks of the...
  7. FS: leather steering wheel

    Trading Post
    leather steering wheel with everything you need but the airbag (you will use your one you have now) and there is no need to change the cruise control or steering wheel pieces from your current wheel like the normal accessory wheels. this is black leather with black stitching and black button...
  8. Steering noise, golf ball rolling noise

    Problems & Issues
    I have two noise problems develop over the last couple of months. ONE is a creaking nose ONLY when I turn the steering wheel to either side going slow such as backing out of a parking space or making a slow tight turn into one. This one can only be heard while actually turning the steering wheel...
  9. Making Power Steering Stiffer?

    Ask The Dealer
    Is it possible to "stiffen-up" the power steering? I'm used to no power steering and like alittle less "assist". Thanks, Jed
  10. Can't see the instruments? Modify the steering wheel tilt mechanism!

    After 2 years of not being able to see the top of the speedo due to my height (6' 1" with a long torso), I have finally fixed the visability problem without sawing off the top of the steering wheel ala rambler dan. and now I'm doing the happy dance; this bugged the @$#%& out of me for the past...