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  1. Sub Not Working

    I recently installed a new Boss Audio Double Din head unit on my 05 Element EX, and almost everything is working exceptionally. My add-on backup camera, all 4 door speakers, bluetooth calls, the works. The only thing that doesnt seem to be working (and it MIGHT be and i am just not noticing) is...
  2. Front door speaker replacement in 2011 EX

    Mobile Electronics
    I ordered to a new head unit (Kenwood DMX7706S) and am also planning on replacing the front door speakers. I ordered a pair of Kicker CS 6 1/2" 2 way speakers that have a tweeter in them. I figured it's be simpler than getting component speakers and swapping out the factory tweeters as well...
  3. Need help on car stereo selection

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey all! New to the board and new to elements! Just got my 2008 LX which will be perfect for getting my dog to chemo therapy, and hopefully for some good times for me too! I haven't had a car since high school, so I'm over a decade out of car ownership, With that in mind, would love tips on...
  4. XTRONS Android head unit in my 07'

    Mobile Electronics
    I have been a lurker here for years and I just want to first say THANK YOU! When something is up with my Element I know the search function here will help me find the answer I need. When I started researching a Android head unit I did not find this exact one so I thought I would share my...
  5. Car won't start, possibly related to door lock issue?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Everyone, I'm just hoping that someone on here might have some insight as I'm stumped and my pal Google hasn't helped me find a solution yet. I have an 04 EX automatic. Recently I have been having intermittent issues with the doors not locking or unlocking with the fob. I though it was...
  6. Green harness on head unit

    Mobile Electronics
    What does the green harness plugged into the back of the stereo control? I can't seem to find that info anywhere. I get the speaker configuration, but for the life of me I don't know jack about the green one.
  7. That Dern Green/Black Reverse Sensor Wire

    Mobile Electronics
    ARGHHHH!!! I have installed a new double DIN head unit and everything works so far - great tip about grounding the parking brake wire as I don't ever want to play a DVD in the E but I couldn't access the bluetooth menu until I grounded it... Now to install the backup camera and I need to find...
  8. Best Element Aftermarket Deck

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, I own a 2006 Element with the upgrade stereo package. I believe it is 7 speakers including the sub. I recently wanted to upgrade the deck to a touch screen 7"ish screen. Possibly with the hand controls and rear view back up cam. Do you guys have any suggestions on what to buy? Greatly...
  9. Aftermarket Radio with No Sound

    Problems & Issues
    I have done my fair share of searching, and could not find a solution to my issue, but it is always possible i overlooked something, which is why i need all you smart people out there to help me out. My E: 2003 element EX Today I got a new Pyle PLDN74BTi touch screen stereo, along with the...
  10. 2011 Element Stereo Upgrade for $500-$1000

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello Owners, I own a 2011 EX that I use for commuting and camping. I have an affinity for both loud, bass-heavy electronic music, as well as many other genres requiring less punch. I also watch movies on my laptop when car/bike camping and hook the audio to the aux input. My knowledge of...
  11. FS: OEM 2007 Honda Element EX Factory Stereo/Radio Unit

    Trading Post
    This is an excellent-condition OEM factory stereo unit from my '07 Honda Element. Everything on it works and I have the factory "unlock" code that it came w/ from the dealership. This way, installing it into your element will be hassle-free. I'm including the mounting plates and the screws...
  12. Stealthbox Subwoofer for Sale - rare rare rare

    Trading Post
    FS: Stealthbox Subwoofer for Sale - rare rare rare For Sale is my JL Audio Stealthbox for Honda Element. This is the PREMIER SOLUTION for subwoofers in the Element. I've had this installed in my 2003 Element. The sub is the JL 10W3v2 housed in an incredibly stout down firing fiberglass box...
  13. Stereo options in 2014?

    Mobile Electronics
    I've searched the archives for a clear answer, but most of the stereo swaps (with the features we're seeking) are at least a few years old now, and more often than not, the user reviews on that big Brazilian website point to reliability issues. So. Our ideal system would be a double-DIM with...
  14. Head Unit and Speaker compatibility

    Mobile Electronics
    I recently acquired a new Head Unit: I noticed the manual says not to use any speaker impedance between 1 and 3 ohm. My center-console sub is as follows: Brand: Kicker Type: Non-Enclosed Subwoofer RMS Power: 150W Voice Coil...
  15. What is the largest/most powerful subs and amp that can be placed in the E?

    Mobile Electronics
    What is the largest/most powerful subs and amp that can be placed in the E without damaging the battery or alternator?
  16. Hatch Stereo??

    I have heard there could possibly be a tailgater stereo accessory for the E that attaches to the hatch. Has any one heard or seen these any where?
  17. New radio Install wreaks havoc on electrical system

    Problems & Issues
    So, my factory radio had to be replaced. I can't get that to work, even though it should be working (wiring seems to be solid). the problem has grown to several electrical problems. I replaced two blown fuses, on on the radio power, and one on the rear accessory adapter (which was already...
  18. VIS CF Hood & Performance Technique AMP

    Trading Post
    Local Pick Up only. Located in So Cal 91335. Legit VIS Carbon Fiber Hood I bought it used from a member here, the cracks on the 2 corners were caused from shipping. Clear Coat is peeling off, all it needs is a fresh coat of clear coat and sanding. It comes with 3M tape to protect from rock chips...
  19. Thinking about upgrading my stereo head unit-- Thoughts?

    Mobile Electronics
    I love my E, but the only thing I love more than it is music. I've really just gotten tired of my overstuffed visor CD holder, so, I'd really like to upgrade. After quite a bit of looking around, I've settled on the Pioneer AVH-X2500BT. It's perfect for me- some external buttons, a nice...
  20. FS:Center Console Parts. Cheap.

    Trading Post
    I recently replaced these parts with new, If anyone wants these old ones for some kind of project, I'll sell them cheap, I'd just rather not throw them out. FOR SALE: 03' EX Stereo, in working order, has trouble ejecting CD's, there's a Donna's CD in there now.........$10 Climate Control...