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  1. Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Hello! I've been lurking on the site for a few months, since I started shopping for my E (4WD AT, ASM). I've had it now for about 3 weeks and love it. Last night, I was browsing the internets and found where someone mentioned seeing an Element with a bumper sticker that says "You've just been...
  2. Exterior
    Ok, so I love all things aviation, with that said, I'm thinking about adding some "aviation flair", if you will, to my E. In reference to Honda's new "Honda Jet", I'd like to create my own...of sorts. Here's my concept of the front. Please give me your opinions. I want to make it cool...
  3. Image Gallery
    here they are!!!!!!
  4. Trading Post
    I have been thinking about doing this for a couple of days now and I have decided to go for it. The Idea behind this thread started when RocketDog was generously giving away a couple of left over stickers. That brought on the thought of: What if we started a thread where we could trade...
  5. Image Gallery
    All these comments in various threads about what you have stuck on your E... darwin fish being ripped off, Sierra Club stickers, extra badging... etc... I want to see them all! I'm headed outside to take some pictures of mine (if I can dig them out from under the snow)... so lets see em!